Poems: The Winter Collection — 1

Here are a couple of poems I wrote celebrating the arrival of winter in other parts of the world. Meh. I stay in Chennai where the weather is confused between its monsoon and flimsy winter. But it does not stop me from celebrating the snowy winters elsewhere.

The first poem is about the arrival of the first snowflakes — the first snowfall in winter. It is late morning in late November. A quiet breeze sets in…read on.

Poem: The White Slumber Party

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

The quiet morning breeze
With its subtle, caressing tease
Tingling my nostrils
A cool stream of peace
A kind of slow silence
In that moment of eternity.

A little piece of wet fluff
floated like the autumn leaf
White and crystal
Similar yet unique
A piece of melting heaven
Like those fireside tales
From the mouth of the grandmotherly sky.

Another piece floated
and another one fluffy
as if one was joining
a white slumber party
forming a white, white bed
There is a rush now
Like the black Friday crowd
Just in time for Thanksgiving.

I smile now that
The season of colors
Has now moved on
It is the turn of
The season of white.

The second poem is one of my favorite views of winter. A fireplace, a drink ( hot chocolate or single malt on the rocks), a favorite book, a clock on the mantle, brooding thoughts over a loved one.

Poem: My Winter World

Free stock photo from Stockvault

I love winter

Sipping hot chocolate

Or single malt on the rocks

Sitting by the fireside

Reading a favorite book

Exploring worlds through words

Sometimes smiling

and sighing sometimes

Staring at the mantelpiece

As the clock sound becomes

Time’s heartbeat

My world engulfed

by the warmth of my fireplace

My house engulfed

by the freezing snow

My mind immersed

in a world of characters

Sometimes happy

and sometimes sorrow

I smile to myself

Thinking of you

Another person

Another book

Another fireplace

Another mind

Thinking of me.

What are your favorite winter scenes? Write to me in response.

~Ashok Subramanian © 2022



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