Poem: The Eternal Love of Alcyone

Another poem about Alcyone was inspired by another artwork. This is the second artwork, distinct and splendid, of Alcyone from Sarah Polyakov.

There are two Alcyone tracks:

a) The first one is that of the Alcyone, Pleiades of the Taurus Constellation. The poem ‘The Journey of Alcyone’ and the artwork is here. ( Click Link)

b) The second is that of Alycone of ‘Alycone and Ceyx’. The artwork of Alcyone by Sarah Polyakov is below. The Poem ‘The Eternal Love of Alycone’ follows.



In the tumult of the sky

Bearing the beacon of eternity

A symbol of the heavens

Shine the sisters’ seven

Oh, my dear Alcyone

Are you finally the one

Whose hair is of the shining gold

Wearing the star-studded crown

Head holding secrets untold

Adorned with roses brown

If love was so magnified

That Ceyx, your husband handsome

Filled in your bosom with love

That you call him the mighty God himself

The turn of this wide chested man

‘The flowing nectar of cool white

Like the Moon Goddess herself’

Walls listen and the winds whisper

Falling autumn leaves blown afar

Like a spark lighting a fire

Burnt to ash by a thunder bolt

Drowned in the tempestuous sea

Silence too long, the air still forever

Ceyx’s voice no more, finally it dawns

His ashes now wet with the waters

Your only way to be one body and soul

A life given to the womb of the seas

The watery graves of the salty sea

Melt Zeus’ hearts and flow salty tears

‘Raise from the sea,’ thunders the Lord

Filled your breasts with beats of life

Color to your feathers and wind to your wings

A new journey in a new love nest

The story of metamorphosis

Told for eons to come.

The mystical birds or the Pleiades’ seven

Brightest of that all in heaven

To make those seven days nice

Of that of summer and winter solstice

Even Zeus’ thunderbolts rest

And the seas devoid of any tempest

Walls still listen and winds still whisper

Great years go and seasons proper

Shall shine the story of eternal love

In the bosoms of the mortals below

~ Ashok Subramanian © 2022



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