Poem: The Daily Business

Ashok Subramanian
1 min readJan 24, 2023

My days are getting crazier. No time to write poetry reviews, my favorite deed of the day. So what about some cribbing?

I wrote this poem after cribbing and I got the same back. Two crazy people just sucked up at daily work.

Poem: The Daily Business

How busy are our lives
Thinking we are
the makers of our destiny

While we are just
hapless leaves caught
in the whirlpool
of our daily lives

Jumping like monkeys
From task to task
An inexhaustible to-do-list

And there is more
But we call it
‘The End of Day’

Feeling painful
yet feeling numb
the conditioning works

There are the bills
and taxes to pay
Food, clothes and shelter

There are the races
Towards the unseen peak
Fueled by career ambitions

There is no time
to stand and stare
the beauty of the blooms

There is no time
to stand and wish
and see smiles on the faces

There is no time
To pause and reflect
the thing called life

There is no difference
between livelihood
and our lives.

~Ashok Subramanian © 2023



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