Poem: Syntropocene

This poem is inspired by a LinkedIn post by Desiree Driesenaar. Quoting her here, ad verbatim.

‘Why Syntropocene, you ask?

It’s a bit technical why we call it Syntropocene. There is entropy. Well-known in physics and engineering. We long thought entropy is degradation. But it isn’t. And we have new insights about entropy from mathematics now. Entropy is full regeneration. So, we merge into Syntropy.

One direction embracing all we’ve built before. And redesigning with social and environmental values too. With huge knowledge of nature, planet earth, and complexity sciences without silos.

That’s why the Syntropocene is a new era.
We embrace the Anthropocene and move on.

The Syntropocene is not just organic. It’s combining all we’ve learned so far with all new insights from complexity sciences. Entropy. And Syntropy.

How do we make it simple? With common sense. The 5 senses combined.

We don’t live up to our full potential as humans. That’s why I give so much attention to the training of the 5 senses together. Ever watched TV without sound and observed the differences in energy, frequency, and vibration of the two speakers? It’s fascinating! And it’s our human wiring…

Only 8% of communication is words. 92% is non-verbal.

And we are wired to observe only differences clearly.’

I am not a subject matter expert, but you can read more here. All I know is that there is a beautiful blue marble on which I live, and we have all that we need. So why the greed?

“The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

Mahatma Gandhi

So I composed a poem, inspired by Desiree Driesenaar’s Medium and LinkedIn posts.

Poem: Syntropocene

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

In the silence, we find the voice
Technology blunted by nature
Human knowledge immersed in the wisdom
Destroying the race tracks
Divorcing the shareholder value
We shall find syntropocene.

Like the evaporation in the vast sea
Leaving the salt behind
Traveling miles in clouds
And raining elsewhere
Running as streams and rivers
Bringing life to the greens
Where flora and fauna blossom.

Systems that we can learn
From the complex nature of Nature
Can make us build global systems
Yet make good of the local
Mother Earth awaits the right choices
For we have the learnings
And if we discover the wisdom
We can go along with Her
As long as Sun sets in the West.

© Ashok Subramanian, 2022



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Ashok Subramanian

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