Poem: Seasons Go, Colors Stay

This is the poem is inspired by the marvellous photo by Sonja Lang. It is part-pathos, part-reflective with a philosophical outcome.

Here is the photograph:

Water plays, Sonja Lang © 2022


Tears blossom in my eyes
Like the flowers of the spring
The leaves thought they were too
When the autumn came
Dressed in orange and yellow
As if there was a prom
Oh, there was an autumn party
A salsa with the autumn breeze.

Did they not learn from the flowers?
They have seen the summer
Yet no lesson was learnt
Who can refuse the glitz
As they danced and dallied
Floating and floating
Embraced by the wet ground.

The giggling streams wash away
The still leaves wearing those colors
Orange and red, the colors stay
Is the stream alive to laugh?
Will the leaf ever learn?
That the party is for one season
But the nature’s show goes on.

Just as I wash away my tears
I can see things clear
The waters wash the dirt
Preparing the leaf for afterlife
Dust we go to, dust we come from
And new seasons to come
Another summer and another autumn.

~Ashok Subramanian © 2022



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Ashok Subramanian

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