Poem: Scattered Thoughts and Dreams

These sets of verses are the result of a spontaneous collaboration with Poet Priya Patel over a day. The exchanges were like a tag team, caught between the awake and the sleep, the dreams and our lives, the sun and the stars.

This could be part of a publication someday. Watch this space for more.

Thank you Priya Patel for this wonderful experience.

Poem: Scattered Thoughts and Dreams

My thoughts are scattered
Like million grains of sand,
Awash with white foamy waves,
Yet there is that beautiful shell-
That is stuck deep
Waiting for you to pick up. ( Ashok)

I stumbled excitedly
upon your scattered thoughts;
all neatly bundled
with a ribbon of hope,
just waiting anxiously
for someone like me;
to read like a love letter
in a perfumed envelope.
The words were soothing
like a balm for my wounds
letters into words
with tender sounds
that somehow has become a River’s Heaven. (Priya)

There is a world
Where you and me
are wrapped in words.
When you wake up
I am asleep;
Still wrapped in words
Trapped in my dreams. ( Ashok)

I surrender to the endless night
where I know your words
are anxiously awaiting my reply;
You awake, a thousand miles away
and me, in my marshmellow clouds
ready to set sail and fly.
I ride on the tales
of your rhythms and rhyme;
I bump into your words
that turn into verses over time.
You awake, and me, fast asleep
A poetic entanglement
in the endless night deep.
where my dreams
turn into poetry. ( Priya)

When you are asleep
There is daylight here
And I am walking around
When I am asleep
It’s dark here and daylight there
And you are up and about
Do we live our lives
In each other’s dreams? ( Ashok)

I am neither lost nor am I found
in the hours that you sleep,
for I am as elusive as the daylight
and the written dreams you seek.
Yet somehow, you always seem to find me
We are special that way;
lost and found within each other’s poetry. ( Priya)

It’s the sun between us,
The blushing messenger
Of dawn and dusk,
Carrying the dreams
To the other side.
We are awake,
Yet we live our dreams.
We are asleep
Yet we dream about the other. ( Ashok)

If the sun is between us
then why am I offended by the cold?
Perhaps those are the moments
when my pen bleeds dry.
It is in the blushing of dawn
and the dusk of my dreams
where I find you.
The stories you write
flutter like butterflies
on lilipads and lotus leaves.
The scent of whimsy
follows in your shadows.
You inspire my pen
to create fairy tales.
Perhaps that is why
we dream of each other.
Perhaps we need the cold
to remind us to dream. ( Priya)

I could still meet you
Under the stars.
If I wake up early
Or you could as well;
We could walk together
Under the billion stars;
Both awake yet dreaming. ( Ashok)

I could chase the sun
Just to be with you.
And get back to my grind
Riding on it again.
But when you walk in my dreams,
And with my heart lost to you
I would think twice. ( Ashok)

I am bold within my words;
brazen even
but like the silvery moon
hiding behind clouds.
I become shy
A bud afraid to bloom
Waiting for a dream to chase. ( Priya)

I wonder what a blanket of stars
would whisper about us;
meeting in dreams
and chasing unimaginable fairy tales.
I wonder if the sun would wait for us
I could wake up early,
and with a billion stars to guide us,
we could chase that dream together. ( Priya)

~ Ashok Subramanian and Priya Patel



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