Book Review -Angel: The unrequited love ( Poetarrati Volume 2)

Angel. How did he even meet her? Business. A partnership that rose and fell like all entities do — like empires to humans. He meets her in ‘Eternal Enigma — August 2013’ and finally parts ways in the ‘Final Journey- June 2015’.

The ‘relationship’, essentially is vicarious in Nature — because it all happens in the poet’s heart, is a series of poetic ‘conversations’ and ‘monologues’ with Angel. This ‘relationship’ lasts for about 22 months.

The love is also ‘unrequited’. He raves and rants, screams and shudders. He is ecstatic and in pain, all within his heart, and never shares his love with Angel.

In reality, the poet is aware of the boundaries of their relationship — which are purely business in nature. He even captures this reality in the poems. These crossovers between reality and his own imaginary world with Angel, make the poems more ‘bipolar’, traversing between the real and virtual realms through the 22 months.

Angel is magical. Opening of her eyes is like sunrise to him. Her sleep is his night. Her laughter and smiles, her hair and her eyes, each part of her mesmerizes him.

Then, reality dawns. Her persona, all human, explodes on him — she seems to be a different person, much different, than the enchanting personality he initially believes. As the curtains peel, revealing the differences between his imagination and her persona, he is conflicted between his head and his heart. His dilemma makes him frustrated, and more confused.

At some point, he fights and argues with her, and the pain only aggravates. The pain is searing and intolerable. He tries to patch up and make things work. Somehow, the cuts are too deep, and the pain too much.

His attempts fail. In reality, his business partnership with Angel also falls apart for the same reason. Both are different personalities, and that leads to discord.

In June 2015, they travel together — one last time. It is clear. Or is it?

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Poet and Author. Poetry and Book Reviews. Investment Banker. IIM C Alumni. Engineering Graduate.

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Ashok Subramanian

Ashok Subramanian

Poet and Author. Poetry and Book Reviews. Investment Banker. IIM C Alumni. Engineering Graduate.

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